Hi guys,

Well, after sorting out my cooling problem (thanx to these forums!) ive now got a new problem.

I turned my computer on after afew days and installed Office2000. Then i urned my comp off, and came back 2 it afew hours later. Then when I was doing something after about 2-4mins the screen justwent blank, but the power stayed on, and the computer was still running. But its not whats on the screen thats going black, the monitor actually cuts off, like its in powersave mode. So then i restarted and the same happened, then i turned the computer off, put it back on and the screen wouldnt initilize, almost like it wasnt connected.

Ive tried it with 2 differnet monitors......same happened......and i tried swapping the graphics card, same again! I have no idea whats happened, and I dont see how it could be related to office 2000, its not a copy or anything.

So basically, im left with 2 problems, the screen going blank when on windows, and the screen not initilizing sometimes when starting up!

Thanks for your time


COmputer Spec:

AMD 1700+
512 SD RAM
GeForce 2 Graphics card
40GB harddrive
and some motherboard i cant find the name of! (but its been fine for age)

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Oh and im running windows XP, and have a 17inch Philips screen. Everything in the comp has worked fine for atleast a month

I also did system restore but the problem still persists.

Thanks again!

Oh and I tried it a while ago with safe mode and it stayed on ok for like 10minutes, then i decided 2 run Checkdisk and all that, when it restarted and does about 5 checks

And bad news now, i tried like 10times to start the computer and for the screen to initilize but its not, its just not picking it up now.

Sounds like you've got the refresh rate set too high. Do you get something onscreen reliably in safe mode? I think you're saying you do, so I'd bet you somehow set the refresh rate too high.

It has happened to me a few times, and once I actually had to remove all my Nvidia drivers in safe mode, then reboot and reinstall them, that did it for me, but usually I just edit the registry to check that all my refresh rates are set to modes my monitor supports.

Ahh since you said your graphics card is OK I have a feeling your motherboard is at fault. I had a similar thing happen but it was my graphics card.

Ive tried the refresh thing and when I did it stay on. It was on 60 so I just put it to 75? Then the screen stayed on. And I havent tried it again yet but its looking anyway.

The main problem is the initilzing at on turned the computer on. Its werid becasue when it doesnt initilize, I pull the Monitor lead out of the back of the computer and the green light comes on, put it back in and it goes off, or goes off anyway after 5seconds if left (as normal).

Please help guys!!

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