Hi I am looking for a pro at this to explain or point to a site or link that will show me how to manually overclock my motherboard.

I am using the quick clock setup, but want to learn the step by step method, to max the system (safely) with out it crashing.

I have run it days on end at 3.36 gig (%20) (temps only at 33-34 degrees)with no problems, but when I got to %30 it wont reboot. I would like to see if I can get it to go between the 2 safely.
I know you'll see my ram specs and say there you go but I believe I can still go further with it then 3.36 gig
Besides the Power supply fan and the cpu fan I have three cooling fans mounted and the system runs very cool. IMO

I am running the
ASUS P4P800 800 FSB HT
Intel 2.8 P4 800 FSB HT / jumperfree % clocked to 3.08 gig
Radeon 9500 pro modded to 9700 pro running 9800 xt drivers
512 3200 ddr (major brand)
80 gig WD HD
20 gig Maxtor HD
LG 48x24x48 CDRW/DVD
XP Pro

Thanks RC_Razor

Unfortunately these sites do not seem to want to start out at the begining and cary on saying something like if you do this and then that reboot and test it it will be running at this speed or that.

I need a very detailed start to finish site or person to help me.:rolleyes:

I've done a great deal of work on overclocking my own systems for gaming purposes. I use a Soyo Dragon and it comes with the ability to overclock in 1Mhz steps. The only advice I can give on this subject is my experience through trial-and-error. First, I'd suggest getting a temperature monitor for the CPU that you can watch outside the GUI in windows (even one in the BIOS is fine.) You want to make sure that you also keep the feature to automatically shut down the system if you reach a near-burnout temperature.

What I did: Got a digital readout of my temps, installed a whole bunch of fans to keep my system cool enough, and started stepping things up VERY slowly....I wrote down EVERYTHING that my system was doing and when i saw trouble, I made like Windows and returned to the last known good configuration.

Is this the proper way of doing things? I'm not sure, it's just the way I did them. The first thing you should do, while you're still at your desk, is go get the information on your chip so you know what your safe zone's are.

Feel free to IM me if you want help, I live at my desk :D

thanks ajax

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