My iMac is part of a wireless network with two PCs and a router manufactured by Netgear. Since day one there have been hours lost due to being off the net even though the airport graph in the menu bar shows an incoming signal. Netgear worked with us and provided a firmware patch to fix a bug in their router and all went well for two days till...
Now I am wondering if is a Mac problem. Perhaps the Airport Extreme card is defective-though Apple says they have had no complaints-or Netgear produces hardware that is less compatible with Macs than other firms. I don't know and am very frustrated. Any ideas? Any similiar problems with linking Macs to PCs? Or maybe it is a Panther issue since after installation Safari for one came to a crawl and there are frequent app quits. :evil:

Sometimes firmware updates cause more problems then they are worth. Did you configure your firewall in the iMAC ..............actually I just placed my hands on a G4 powerbook yesterday, installing & configuring VirtualPC for wireless internet..................So I'm a little noob with Airport & iMAC's, we were using a Lynksys router though.

Configure the firewall? Oh...I think I see where you are going with that. No I did not. As far as I am concerned that is all done by default in the browser-is my terminology correct?-and I was not aware that you could tweak it. Any tips on what sort of fiddling I might try and why?

I would say turn it off for right now, just incase it's conflicting with your Airport transmission. But then again like I said this is my second day messing around on a mac.So it's just was a wild guess.
I stayed up till 4Am today and I'm about to go and do some more configuring on it later today.
According to cscgal the firewall is located and I quote

[img][/img]Quote:[img][/img][img][/img]Originally Posted by WEATHER CHANNEL[img][/img][img][/img]Where is the firewall in Panther OS X? [img][/img][img][/img]
"Go into the Settings and then under Sharing. Then there is one tab where you choose the servers you want to run (ftp, httpd, ssh, etc) and another tab where you enable/disable the firewall .... that is through the GUI.

The firewall is really an opensource *nix one whose name I forget - you can config it via conf files also though but I forget how"