i installed battlefield 1942 and when i click to play the black screen with battlefield shows up on the desktop then in a few seconds it goes black and a message box comes on that says "input signal is out of range please change settings to 1280 x 1024-60hz". my display setting are already set to that...can anyone tell me how to correct this problem.

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What kind of monitor do you have?
Do you have the drivers for the monitor installed?
What is your graphics card?
Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed?
Is it Battlefield 2 or Windows that is giving you the error?

This thread might give you some helpful ideas to try.

>ok, so what u need to do is go to the "Start" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
>next you need to go to "Control Panel" listed in a blue box.
>Go to "Appearance and Themes"
>now click on Change Screen resolution to whatever your computer is telling you to change it to
>click "Apply", "ok" and try to run your program again
>if all fails, you need to update your graphic card from one of the following links:



All of the above links are free to Update.
hoped this helped a little!
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