first of all like to thank everybody for the help with the wiring of the motherboard to get it back up and running, but now i have a different problem i turn on the unit and i get a white screen with a floppy icon and a blinking question mark? unit does nothing . to answer everybodys question of why i left the tower open so my son could get inside is i was in the process of installing more memory and cleaning out the dust. the baby siter wasnt doing her job in watching him but alls well and i just want my wifes computer up and working again because life is miserable around here if you know what i mean???? its a 97 g3 with floppy drive cd-rom drive and one hard drive model m-4405 if this helps any??? any help is greatly appreciated thanks mrfixit also not so sure if i have the ide cables in the right spots? both connections on the board are the same no colors or id printed on the board???

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What os are you running, and do you have the start up discs or another start up , external hard-drive for example.


It's just looking for something to boot from. Did you disconnect the hard drive, or similar? If the hard drive's connected, somehow the Finder or System files might have gotten corrupted. If you have the Mac OS CD that came with that system, you may try booting from that by pressing the <C> key at startup to boot from the CD-ROM. At least then, you might be able to see if your hard drive is still there.

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