After reading numerous online reviews, which I think is an awesome way to evaluate a product, I've seen worst and best cvase scenarios repeated for a number a product. Let me know if this thread is a bad idea for the subject, but am curious what are the top 5 or ten best or worst brands at present...for used and new products, namely PCs, monitors and laptops... In particular the PCs.
I'm curious because after getting my Compaq Presario desktop (new ) that is now a year old, my buddy advised me it caused him grief and he went with Sony Vaio instead. I don't jump ship so quickly but am left wondering if future problems are likely


Different people will have different opinions...

If its for office work, I prefer branded, and will buy from store which has the best service history in my area.

I would say so, based on those quick to denounce Sony, but it can be helpful. My folks got a Dell recently and they seem to be doing well.
Any use is open for the poll, I haven't done gaming due to power reserves, and memory, until now... I still think consoles are less prone to freezes, and simplified controls more intuitive

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