My coming laptop is two years old, the 2435 series. It has modular drives and can even allow swaps while on which is neat. Anyway, Since mine sounds like it will need one (used for parts I'm told) it was initially a DVD CD burner, however, I like having the DVD burner as well as CD. There should be a model avail for this laptop but haven't found a source. Would like to know all models that work for this series
Any tips welcome,

I believe I spent just over $100 on my MadDog Dominator 16x DVD drive. That is no longer in the store I bought from, but of course, is an internal full size drive. The possibility of an external drive has always been open to me as well. Thanks for the assist

As an update, Checked my MadDog drive and it's 12x speed, but works down to 400MHz processing, though I never had great results using it in my BookPC that has a P3 at 500MHz with 256K RAM IIRC.
The other evening I bid on a last 15 minute auction on eBay for an NEC (not spotted in local PC store) 16x USB external DVD RW and it should be perfect to fill in for a missing module drive and total cost came out to $72+ dollars! Not bad for external!!

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