I got this new KVM Switch 5 Ports and with 2 10-foot cables.

Now the picture quality sucks. I got used to it now after one day. Someone told me it's because of the cables but how can 2 cables be bad. Maybe it is the KVM Switch it's self?

Anywho they are fat SVGA cables. Let me know what you guys think it is.


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I have gone through a bunch of KVM switches (PS/2 based, USB based) and never had a problem.

It's most likely the kvm switch ... or maybe the cables are bent awkwardly?

you know it is new but I bought it on ebay for really cheap with 2 10 foot cables.

people say it is the cables but nothing is bent wrong i know it is the KVM switch end of story lol

it is cheap and i got what i paid for but i am used to it now.

Now here is another question?

I have a computer in the bathroom i will take some pictures later on this week and show you guys what I am talking about. the cables go through a door and the door kinda smashes the cables is this a bad thing? like my CAT5 cable is kinda smashed to but is it a worse with the KVM cables? let me know please thanks.


hi all,
I have just bought an acer TFT (analog one) and connect to 2 pc via a KVM switch. One is p4 (XP) with ATI Radeon card and the other is a pII (Ubuntu) with built in graphic card. They are both using analog mode. In the CRT days, the display are fine. However, things are not the same with TFT. when I started the pcs, i can see the bios startup and then the OS are starting up, just before my XP login screen is up, I have a blank/black screen trouble saying "no input signal" from both pc. I cant do anything with Xp but on the Ubuntu, I still can get to console mode and do my work.

Has anyone has gone through this and if you have any idea, please help.


I wonder, could my problem be related to the switch also? One of the computers looks just fine but the other is pretty messed up. Missing icons clock and buttoins. The problem appears just as sonn as the computer starts posting, so I know it cant be a corrupted Windows but instead a bad hardware. Maybe those switches aren't a good Idea after all.

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