There comming out! In my local Best Buy and CompUSA adds they're selling some pretty sweet cards for less than $150. AWESOME!

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If it's a geforce 4, look for the MX!!! characters. I would get a 4400 or 4200, from the benchmarks i've seen, that's the best/economical choice.

DO NOT GET THE MX!!! they've got nothing good, old technology! the only reason nvidia is making that chip is because people will not read the MX, only the geforce parts.

Im totally blown away with the new Visiontek geforce4. I really really really am craving the top of the line one (Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4600) is a really hot thing. 128mb of DDR ram, vga, dvi, tv in, and tv out... that makes a really hot card! Also the 136 million triangles per second is amazing! Not a serious update to the geforce line... but a serious boost in power! wow

ATI also came out with there 128MB Video Cards. 128MB on a video card too me is pointless I always look at the speed. Also man Geforce3 cards over here now for about 100 bucks I dont care if they MX. Shit I'm happy with a 8MB video card I guess you can say I'm dumb but then I say I don't play games.

On this machine I'm using a 64MB RADEON 7200 for 100 bucks. I always go on price I always go the cheap way good quality or great. As long as the price is cheap.

Update on the deal... i heard best buy and compusa canceled all the orders because too many people were buying them.

Consider... their supposed to be priced at around 350-400 when they first come out.

Wow... that is shocking. I can't believe that they would do someting. Sounds like this isn't the last we're going to hear about this.

What you mean cancelled? Why would they if people would buy them?





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