I am building my first computer, and it won't boot up.
I have tried using 2 diferent power supplys, and tested my Power switch. When i plug everything in and press the power button, nothing happens, i have made sure that I have everything plugged in correctly to the best of my knowledge, and am very frusterated. Please help

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Hello there,

When that situation happens, it usually means that a hardware device is not working properly.

My suggestion would to remove all add-on cards, except the video card to hook the monitor up, do not connect the hard drive (hard drives are not needed for the computer to POST), and do not have the cdrom drive(s) connected either.

If the computer then POSTS then you definitely know that one of the devices you removed or unplugged does not work. From here you can start adding the devices back ONE at a time and testing to see if the machine POSTS.

When you add a hardware device and stops POSTing again, then you know that is the faulty piece of hardware. Good luck.



thnx a lot ill try that and let u know

well that didn't work any more ideas

ensure that your power and reset switch cables are correctly and firmly plugged into the motherboard pins and also ensure they are the right way round. the motherboard or case instructions will tell you more about how to check this.

also make sure everything is plugged in as it should be:)

Hey, thanks I've now tried that, pluged them in both ways, still no dice, unfortunatly part of my problem could be that the instrustions aren't exactly great, by the way it is an MSI K8 neo2 mobo, if that helps any. If you guys have any more ideas please post them, right now im willing to try anything.

Hello again,

http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~tyouken/jisaku/AMD%20XP200+/D-007.jpg <- Just to clarify these are what Janine is talking about. The reset sw def. needs to be plugged in correctly... I believe you leave a space between the pins.. initially (my first DIY computer) it took me a couple of tries to get it right as I had no manual to look at, however, that's been a while ago... so my memory is a bit fuzzy.


Make sure you are using compatible RAM... i believe that model would take PC3200/DDR400. If you have 2 or more sticks, try going down to only one.

Other than that, I would suggest trying a different processor of the same socket (perhaps borrow a friends?). Other than that, I'm sorry, I don't know.. :sad: Best of luck..



Well i have them hooked up right, do u think that it could be the board, or do u think that it is the processor

Well i have them hooked up right, do u think that it could be the board, or do u think that it is the processor

could well be the processor but i'd look more towards it being the board or the power supply unit. silly question this ... but does your powersupply unit have a switch of its own. if so make sure this is turned on.

have a look to make sure that the mobo is sat on the insulating pads and that the underneath isn't earthing on the case. rest some foam pads under the board before screwing it into place

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