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If the MB supports the cpu and ram I wouldn't see why there would be a probablem.
Why you asking?


if it supports pc3200 ram yeah you could but since your processor is 266 fsb
you only see alittle performance gain unless you are going to upgrade the processor later to a 400 fsb


Jra2003: Just asking because a friend has just put together a box with a Dif motherboard (never heard of them either, model is Lanparty apparently and features an Nforce2 chipset), an XP2000, PC3200 memory and it fails to POST and can't get as far as a BIOS screen. Board has no seven segment displays for the POST code but has been tried with several graphics cards so that isn't the problem. I've not been able to look at the setup myself as I only spoke about the problem with him over MSN. We have managed to rule out any shorts caused by the case, tried mem in each bank, checked the board for strange jumper settings.

We now figure we either have a dead mobo, cpu or mem stick. Any suggestions?


chill if you want to know if its the motherboard or the cpu go to computer store that repairs computers and have them test both of them and if they both come out good its the ram

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