This is not a matter of typing msconfig (I can't get to that stage) or hitting F8 (?) My windows xp lost all drivers. when I checked the hardware it was blank. As such I couldn't connect to email, copy/ burn folders to CD or DVD or attach any USB to copy folders. Always got "the driver is turned off or not available" I decided to re-install OS. But the computer would not allow that at all! The only way it would was for me to tick the Safe mode buttons in msconfig. I started to re-install the OS but now it's stuck rebooting. It gets as far as the start up (in safe mode) and then pops up this- Windows XP Setup cannot run under Safe Mode. Setup will restart now.

At this point my only option is to click OK! and around we go. I tried hitting F8 and it opens. I then tried clicking normal start up but no good- round I go again!

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on and what I should do now!

If you have a windows cd then boot from that and forma the hard drive and do a new install.

That's what I've been doing-reintalling windows XP but it won't stop going into Safe Mode each time. I've hit F8 and tried (normal start up) but it does nothing. I cannot boot any other way (or at least I don't know how)

But have you been doing it with a windows cd or a recovery cd?

OK I discovered you have to move the boot from CD to the top of the list. I had only clicked on it and saved with F10. That's why it kept re-booting the same way. But I lost everything as I decided after so many hours it was best to instal a new OS. Could a virus have knocked out all my drivers like it had? And if it happens again does anyone know how to get the drivers running when the computer says "no drivers can be found". I couldn't connect to internet, plug in any USB device or burn files to CD/DVD.

Malware could have been the cause, and so could a bad hard drive or bad ram! See how it goes with a fresh install and report an problems!