A friend of mine brought me her Toshiba Satellite Laptop and im trying to get in to it but it wont let me boot safe or last good know config or normal.. nada.
I have tired F1 to change boot option to CD to go in and boot directly from CD to restore but it wont let me do that ether.. I am at a stand still and am appreciating any kind of help..

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Power on then hold down the Esc key, then press F1 when you get the check system message.

As I said in my earlier message I have tried holding down F1 and and been in to the system and changed the boot option to CD but still it wont boot to DC but just goes to the same place and give me the boot in safe mood etc and then I'm stuck again.. thanks for your input..
I have been searching on this and found some say it might be hard ware problem ... could this be so??

It could be a corrupted file system, bad hard drive or even a bad stick of ram.

It really doesn't help knowing that you can't boot from CD - it could be a dirty lens or bad ide ribbon causing that part(or scratched cd for that matter)...Although, try removing the Hard Drive completely from the boot sequence and see if you can boot from the CD then...

i just upgraded my toshiba satellite A300 from vista to windows 7 but much later, i tried to power on my toshiba but it won't boot and when i tried going into safe mode it just keep beeping error warning. what can i do at this point?

well, you could start by opening your own thread instead of reviving a 3 year old one...

Beeps are an indication of HARDWARE issues, not software. Pay attention to how many beeps and look through the Manual to see what the sequence means.

oops! that was a mailing error, it obviously had some beeps i didn't pay any attention :-), thanks. but the beeps come up each time i hit the F2, F8 or F12 or any other button. other than that it just goes blank. since i just upgraded it to win 7, could this be driver issues?

There may be BIOS issues with Windows 7, try updating the BIOS.

Did you UPGRADE, or do a full install?

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