I'm trying to connect my new pc with a SyncMaster 940bw monitir and with an LG tv set. The monitor is connected by analog connection and the tv, by hdmi. The system is a tri-boot os system: winxp pro, Hebrew version of win7 and English version of win7.

What's my problem? When the TV cable is plugged in, no information is sent to the monitor until default os (Hebrew Win7) starts. The screen stays black during setup (BIOS) phase and operates flawlessly when windows starts. I checked the pc in a lab and all hardware devices work flawless. In addition, I tried an alternative monitor and replace my motherboard, but the problem stayed un solved.

Here's a more detailed description:
1. Both monitor and tv set connections are plugged in
The tv set shows a complete session, first the Post phase, then the os menu and then the selected os. All keyboard instructions, as depicted on the tv screen, are implemeted. The pc monitor starts working when the process reaches the windos' phase.

2. Only monitor is plugged in
The system works as expected, first Post, then menu, then selected os.

The system includes the following components:

Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G intel P43
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 3.0GHz
Samsung 1TB 32 MB 7200RPM
Seasonic SS-500ET Active PFC
Transcend 2GB DDR2 800
Samsung DVD-RW SH-S223F x22
Gainward 9500GT 512MB GDDR2

I checked my device manager and found no exclamation symbol.

How come a plugged in tv cable steals information from a monitor?

Do you see and solution? Do you need more information? I’ll gladly provide.


I am not to sure what you are after. Do you want the screen to be streched across both monitors or are you after the same screen being displayed on both screens?

When you have the TV plugged in its defaulting as the "Main" screen. Simply go into windows, right click desktop, screen resolution, and and switch it to screen 2 (there will be a tiny check box when you select the computer screen that says "Make this my main display") instead of Screen 1 then restart. This should fix your problem.