Hi Guys,

I have a toshiba L300D laptop, and a couple of days ago the harddrive just gave up, i knew it had a large amount of bad sectors so luckily had all the necessary data backed up.

However, i have decided that having to replace the harddrive gives me an excuse to upgrade to Windows 7. With this in mind I want to upgrade the harddrive to probably between 250GB and 500GB. Im slightly concerned however that my laptop wont support a harddrive that large.

Basically, does anyone know where i can find out what the largest harddrive i can put in this machine? I know for a fact that the sata controller is an ATI SB700/SB800 if that is of any help.

Can i also just point out, that laptop doesn't have a working harddrive at the moment and therefore has no OS, so i cannot do anything with the laptop.

Thanks in advance guys, I really apreciate peoples suggestions.

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Seeing as it's sata, any sata hard drive will be ok! I'd recommend that you not exceed 500gig as drives bigger than that seem to less reliable! I put a 500 in my lappy some time back and am very happy with it!


Thats brilliant! Excellent news!

Thanks very much for your help.

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