Toshiba Laptop Tecra 8100, made in USA

Pressing the system power-switch (mains power supply and battery indicator lights being already on), results in the following:-
(a) Screen-indicator light turns on.
(b) Hard disc indicator-light comes on for about 2 seconds and then goes off.
(c) The dark screen has a message: Remove incompatible Memory module in bay A. When the same memory module is transferred to bay B, the message mentions bay B.
2. When the said memory module is removed, no message is shown on pressing the power switch thereafter.
3. On operating the re-set switch(by inserting a pin in the hole adjacent to volume control wheel), the disc indicator light comes on for about 2 seconds and then goes off.
4. When system power switch is pressed to turn off the computer, after exactly 30 beeps, the screen-indicator light goes off, leaving the mains supply and battery indicator lights on.
5. Pressing Escape, F1 or F2 or in combinations after pressing the power switch does not show set-up. The screen stays dark.
6. Pressing power switch, after removing said memory module, battery, DVD drive and hard disc, does not present any message. Pressing switches as in para 5 above does not show set-up and the screen remains dark. Pressing system power switch to turn-off the computer gives 30 beeps as before.
Could somebody advise fix and oblige?

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Sounds almost as if the monitor may be bad.Try hooking a a PC monitor to it.

hi krishna,

try to use other memory module, and check also your CMOS batt it maybe faulty

Thanks. I am going to do it.

I hooked PC monitor simutaneously. No difference.

There is only one module. I am going to open the computer and check CMOS battery.
I replaced the defective memory stick by a good PC 100 RAM 256MB. No change except that the error message asking removal of the incompatible memory did not appear again.
It did not even enter set-up when Esc pressed immediately after pressing system power switch and waiting for instructions to pres F1. Hence, could not select "boot from CD drive" though I have installation software CD. It does not have internal floppy drive. I did not inherit the external.

hi krishna,

so you cannot go inside the cmos set-up? and upon pressing any key combination your system doesn't respond, try to hook up an external keyboard...

No difference with external keyboard.

I am hoping it is just a dead battery. The battery suppliers say don't get caught with a dead one. I have an 8100 also. Same problem as yours. My thinkpad had the same problem I replaced the battery. Instead of putting it on standby, I also turn it off now when I don't use it. Batteries are over rated.

Please, respond with any questions or results.

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