I was in Office Depot and on their desks for sale were several USB terminals in a stick, like you can buy for electrical plug ins,like computers, and all the goodies that go with them like routers etc.

I wonder if one can buy those sticks and add them to their own computer desks, for my USB ports are full, hurting for space.

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What you want is a USB hub. They are available in many shops and are quite cheap. There are 2 basic types, powered, and passive. Powered ones need a power supply from the wall and can run more devices. Passive ones take their power from the computer and are easier to use because of this but you have to be cautious of not exceeding the power output of your computer when using one.

Different USB devices use different amounts of power so you need to decide what you want to plug into it before you go and buy one.

Let me know what USB devices you plan to run and I can help you decide which type is best for you!


Thanks again for your wonderful help,

I am going to be using a exterior hard drive, which I have to fix, I also will be using a camera, probably a cannon, and I am not sure what I Will be using in the future.


In that case you will want a powered USB hub!

Belkin make some decent quality ones.

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