Alright, so here goes.
Im into computers and such, so i know my way around them.
I just cant figure out whats going on wrong.
I did something really stupid with a new card i bought, i just wasnt thinking literally. My computer was on and i plugged the card in, From then on my computer has been having trouble restarting. As in i would hit the restart button, and maybe the bios or post would start up and maybe it wouldnt.Or i would spend about 10 minutes pressing the restart button until the computer loads up.
Then the board just stoped working.So i got a new one.
But now the computer wont load the bios or post at all, and i have another computer which motherboard works.
Theyre both socket 462 amds, so i bought new processors since my other ones stoped working too. I know its not the motherboard or the processors, atleast i dont think its the mobos. I just cant figure out whats going on. The post/bios just wont load, and ive tried resetting the cmos.

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I think this is your problem.

Im into computers and such, so i know my way around them.

How you got away with installing any hardware while the computer was running is amazing. I recommend you take a look into computer parts and the effects of static electricity, also known as electrostatic discharge (ESD).

As for an answer, I would say primarily you're the problem. Read up on proper computer repair methods and safety precautions. Then reevaluate your situation. For all we know, you're hosing out your case with water because it's dirty, after which, posting messages on daniweb asking why your hard drive doesn't work.


I came on here asking for help buddy, Not some stuck up dumbass who cant realise a question when he sees one.
I made the mistake when i first started working on computers.
So the next time i want a fool to answer a question, i will let you know.
Leave it to a trolling noob to act like that when someone asks for help :rolleyes:


I'm truly sorry I offended you.


Well I see someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this moring! I am sure everyone has done something completely stupid in there life even you J. Anyway lets see if we cant fix your problem. which card are you using the old one or the new one ?If its the old one then it has to be bad never seen a card take a hit that killed M/B and CPU and lived. I would also find some more memory I doubt the old stuff is any good either. Kinda of sucks to have to go through this but it does happen.

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