When I try to boot up my machine this is what I get:--------

Award BootBlock Bios v1.0 Copright(c)2000, Award Software Inc

Detecting floppy drive A media
Scanning Bios image in hard drive
Scanning Bios image in floppy diskette
Can not find Bios image in hard drive or floppy diskette!

This problem was caused more than likely by myself, I installed some software from my Gigabyte Utility cd called, "Face Wizard". I opened up the software to have a look to see what it did and as I was having a look I hit the restart button after some Udates had installed and Im not sure whether I had changed any settings before the reboot started??? Please help as I havent got a clue what to do next?? Thankyou.

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Alright, try and go to another computer and go to Gigabytes website and download their latest bios onto a floppy. Insert it into your computer and turn it on. It should try and update your bios to the one on the floppy. Hopefully everything will go good :)

Thanks for that Nizzy just out of curiosity I asked at Pc World and they say I have to replace the Bios Chip!!!! Ps I dont have a floppy drive connected to my PC at the moment but I do have one knocking around, if I connect it now will it still work?? Thanx

Yes you can connect one it should be fine. I would try doing the bios upgrade first just to see if it works. If it doesnt, yes you will probably have to replace the chip or the whole board.

Hopefully I dont have to replace the Mobo as its only 4 weeks old and still under warranty. Thanks.

Well if its that new and the bios upgrade with a floppy doesnt work just try to rma it! You could get a new one for free :)

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