I just bought the new Saitek Cyborg keyboard for my macintosh and i was wondering if there was any software available to support the 12 programable marco keys?

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it looks like it will be usefull however i need to get the driver support first. on my mac all the keys are supported including the touch pad support except the 12 "c" keys. there is a cd that comes with the keyboard that is windows specific. is there anything i can do in order to have these keys supported. wine maybe?


"wine maybe" lol, I am still cracking up about that comment, thanks for the chuckle.

Here is the manufactures site:


It looks like they only have drivers/support for xp and windows 7 up there. The only option I see is if one of the third party macro application detect the dead keys and will allow you to assign macro's to them. The plus side is most of them have a trial period.

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