I have an HP dv6837cl laptop. The original hard drive is a Samsung HM250JI which crashed and needs to be replaced. This hard drive is now more difficult to find and I've seen instances of others on the web who have also encountered issues with this HD so I'm even more concerned about trying to replace with an original part. The original hard drive is labeled to replace with HP spare 453775-001. It appears that this is no longer available from HP which instead pointed me to a 613051-001. The 613051-001 (based upon the HP site) does not appear to be compatible with my laptop. How can I determine what other hard drives are compatible replacements for the original?

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The original drive is a SATA2 250gig. Any make of SATA2 drive will work in it. HP don't use a special type of drive all of their own!

Hi saluki1net, I am having the exact same problem as you. I'm looking for that same HD and cant seem to find it anywhere. It seems with this SATA HD there is an "adapter" attached to the end that allows it to connect and line up with the grooves of the computer system board connector. I'm having trouble finding this "adapter". Any Luck????????

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