I have bought this dell vostro 1015 laptop one and half year ago. Day before yesterday my windows xp hanged and I was unable to shut down. So I pressed power on button for few seconds to switch off my laptop. Now my laptop is not starting. I see complete blank screen. I tried booting with CD, but no luck. The LED for power is on. The LED for harddisk keeps blinking. But I can not see anything on screen. Not even Dell logo. Nothing happening. The LED at harddisk keeps blinking. Keyboard do not respond. I tried taking out battery and starting with power adapter. But no luck. Please help.

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Try removing the ram to see if it will beep. If it does, refit the ram and try it again. If you have 2 ram sticks then try them 1 at a time.

Thanks for reply. But I do not know how to do that. I am new with laptops.

Thanks, I will try and let you know.

I tried it.

When I removed RAM and started laptop, the left most light on the keyboard became on. The middle light and right light started blinking together. But no beep.
Then I inserted RAM. Then middle light on keyboard started blinking. I think I did not place RAM properly. Then again I reseated RAM. Now laptop has come to previous stage. Power LED is on and LED at hard disk keep blinking. Nothing on screen.

Sounds like you need to take it to a professional repair shop then unfortunately!

Thanks Rik. At least I learned how to remove and place RAM in laptop which I never had done.

No problem, you can't really do any further diagnosis unless you feel up to taking the laptop apart!

I was working with the laptop before going to bed and when done I shot it down, but the next morning when press the switch button nothing is showing even a single led light does not show.

Based on this I disassemble the laptop and reassemble it back again by making sure everything is connected well but still not starting when I press the start button.

Pls is there any that can help?


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