Help I have been given a friends pc to look at and windows will not start on the boot screen there are 5 options (see attached) but you cannot choose. I can boot from a windows cd and get recovery console.
I have run CHKDSK, FIXMBR & FIXBOOT all withot success it just keeps restarting

I dont want to reformat as he has a lot of stuff on the hard drive for his music teaching

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Hi that will not happen I have sorted the list of entries the problem is the computer gets to the windows screen then just reboots all over again there is something in the boot record somewhere I have done fixmbr & fixboot to no avail


When you say "that will not happen" do you mean it won't boot into safe mode? If not, what happens when you try? We need to know exactly what happens and what you see on screen.


Hi Rik

No it will not boot to safe mode but I have stummped up a Windows boot disk with SP2 that has done a repair so machine is up & running without loss of data

thanks for your time all

best wishes



right,you can Boot always press F8,last time i have the same problem and use this way solved!

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