Alright heres the problem, I start up the game, try to enter the actual game play and i get an EXCEPTION_ACESS_VIOLATION. And quite frankly I don't want it, I also don't want to upgrade my stupid Geforce 4 mx 440, so without further adue here is the error i get :

The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual
address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Access address 0x00000000 was read from.

Exception occured at
00568ba2 game.dat+0x168ba2, Coord3D::add+0x77b43.

Version: 1.00.2148.27344 internal 35E336B7-24FD-4273-8D9F-B7D945E182DA release build 2005-12-19 15:11:29

EAX:0x0012e2b8 EBX:0x00000001 ECX:0x00000000
EDX:0x00000001 ESI:0x13ce2018 EDI:0x00000000
EIP:0x00568ba2 ESP:0x0012e2b8 EBP:0x0012e2c8
CS:0x001b DS:0x0023 SS:0x0023
ES:0x0023 FS:0x003b GS:0x0000

ErrOfs: 0x005239d3 ErrSel: 0x01c9001b
DataOfs: 0x0012e220 DataSel: 0xffff0023
Cr0NpxState: 0x00000000
ST(0) 0000000000000000ffff -1.#IND00
ST(1) 0000000000000000ffff -1.#IND00
ST(2) 00000000000000ff0640 255.000000
ST(3) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
ST(4) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
ST(5) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
ST(6) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
ST(7) 00000000000000ff0640 255.000000

8 addresses:
(unknown)(0): game.dat+1477538 Coord3D::add+490307
(unknown)(0): game.dat+942091 Coord3D::set+23364
(unknown)(0): game.dat+932264 Coord3D::set+13537
(unknown)(0): game.dat+462157 Coord3D::crossProduct+44169
(unknown)(0): game.dat+468967 Coord3D::crossProduct+50979
(unknown)(0): game.dat+1150385 Coord3D::add+163154
(unknown)(0): game.dat+1151114 Coord3D::add+163883
(0): (unknown mod) (unknown)

Bytes around EIP:
00568b82 01 74 03 ff 40 04 8b 0c be 8b 01 ff 50 1c 47 8d .t.ÿ@.‹.¾‹.ÿP.G
00568b92 43 ff 3b f8 7c dd 51 8b c4 83 20 00 8b 4c 9e fc Cÿ;ø|Q‹Äƒ..‹Lžü
00568ba2 8b 01 89 65 0c ff 50 1c 5f 5e 5b 5d c3 55 8b ec ‹.‰e.ÿP._^[]ÃU‹ì
00568bb2 51 56 33 f6 39 75 0c 7e 1a 51 8b c4 83 20 00 8b QV3ö9u.~.Q‹Äƒ..‹
00568bc2 45 08 8b 0c b0 8b 01 89 65 fc ff 50 1c 46 3b 75 E.‹.°‹.‰eüÿP.F;u

Please give me some information on how to fix this without just buying a new video card (lol stupid agp x4 and no pci-x so just better to buy whole new comp really.)

Mate you gotta post what game your running, os version, direct x version, and maybe the specs of your rig.

my suggestions, try reinstall the game, then install the latest forceware drivers for the video card, if this doenst help, then get old drivers (like 40 or 60) and try it out.
Then try reinstall directx, i also reckon that you should check the readme of the game for any known issues with geforce 4's, maybe the game needs pixel shading, or some weird texture support.

post back if you still have probs.


edit: some parts of the error look look memory problems, are you sure your not running a new game on windows 98 or me,
or the otherway round, an old game on xp (some games like might and magic 7 jack up)