i had my dell inspirion notebook for over a year now and never had problems with it starting on before. But recently like the middle of september whenever the monitor is moved or the slightest touch to the monitor is made for example if i try to move my computer to another surface to rest on or someone just brushes by it The monitor goes blank and i have to restart my computer again. Now the second problem has been happening for the past few days: Whenever the computer is off and i press the power button to turn it on, the power led light turns on and the battery led light turns on, but the screen wont turn on it just stays blank like it was never turned on. But eventually if i try 10 or more times it comes on but i have to be VERY careful to not move the laptop or else the monitor goes blank again. Could someone tell me what could be the problem and how to fix it?
This might all have to do with when my niece pulled my ac adapter while still in my notebook fall to the ground yet everything looked perfectly fine.

Sounds like a loose or damaged LCD ribbon cable or backlight cable. Look closely next time the LCD goes blank, if you can see the desktop very faintly, then it is a backlight problem. If not, try pressing the lic close switch near the base of the LCD a couple of times to see if the LCD comes back on. If that doesn't work, try tilting the LCD at different angles. If it is still under warranty, you should return it for service. Never try to repair a laptop yourself unless you are willing to throw it in the trash if you make a mistake and destroy something. If you checked the suggested items and are willing to open the laptop then check for these problems.
Backlight problem (barely visible desktop on display)
1. Check lid close switch
2. Check wire connection to backlight (usually 2 wires from circuit board next to LCD)
3. Replace inverter board (board the 2 wires are connected to)
4. Replace LCD (some people say you can replace the backlight but it is very easy to damage the LCD in the process)

If no display is seen at all
1. Check video output with external monitor
2. Switch video output using Fn + function key combo (usually F5 or F8 on Dell) to see if video comes back on.
3. Open laptop and reseat video cable connections
4. Reseat video card if not soldered to motherboard
5. Replace video cable
6. replace inverter
7. replace LCD
Hope this helps.

thanx for the help! i think that is exactly what it is! i noticed for awhile whenever i move the monitor in different angles sometimes thats when it comes on and DO see the desktop very faintly before it goes completely blank. I dont want to have to move a whole bunch in order for it to work and im afraid if a open it up i will damage something important. I will send it in for service since i still have my warranty. :cheesy:

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