i was playing a game yesterday when my comp restarted. i thought nothing of it because this has happened to me before but as soon as i got back in the game after 3-4 mins the comp restarted again. this time it just turned off at the BOIS screen. after that it would not start up at all the only thing that was on when i turned on the computer was a green light next to the power butten in the front. if i keep trying to restart it sometimes it will start to boot and get past the BOIS then turnoff. other times it would just turn off at the BOIS screen.(the green light in the front of the computer was stll on.) i have been reading about oher problems like this(some on this site) i have tried resetting the motherboard BOIS and have also tried unplugging most everything that connects to the power supply except the motherboard.

i think that it could be the power supply but i just wanted to make sure or see if u guys have any suggestions. i will be bring it to a repair shop soon.


similar thing happened to me b4,i took the whole computer to the comp store for service and i was told it was the motherboard's problem and need to be change.