ok so i bought this Dell Latitude D266XT it is a Pentium 2 266mhx MMC-1 processor

I bought a P2400MHX MMC-1 processor to put in it, the processor works great but now i get an error message when windows wants to boot up that a file was corrupted and i need to repair windows

fine, so when i try to use the repair disc it gets the to windows setup screen and doesnt do anything

I tried using my roomates hard drive, we bought the same laptop from the same deal, and it said the same thing

I tried using my hard drive in his laptop and it worked fine

Im out of ideas, is this processor just no good or is there something im forgetting?


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You will have to reinstall the windows.
Changing CPU means that windows will no longer work, because it was set up to work with your old CPU.
If you meand by "repair disc" a setup CD, then just place your hd in your friend's laptop and format it via setup program. Put the hd back and you will be able to install windows now.

You will have to reinstall the windows.
If you meand by "repair disc" a setup CD, then just place your hd in your friend's laptop and format it via setup program. Put the hd back and you will be able to install windows now.

Let me explain a little better, I tried my HD in my friends laptop WITHOUT uninstalling windows and windows worked, but when i put it in my laptop it doesnt work

I cant reinstall windows, because when i do it always gets hung up in the install menu and i have to restart

That's because you have different CPU now.

but how can install it on my laptop if it keeps freezing up? if i install it on my roomates laptop it will think it was the same 266mhz processor it was before so i will probably run into the same problem as before, im actually using a win98 disc to run scandisk, its finding problems and fixing them, ill let you know how it goes

thanks guys

Did your friend change CPU also? And if he did, is it same model?

it didnt work, but i can get to the c prompt so im going to format my C drive and see what i can do

i changed it, i changed a MMC-1 Pentium 2 266mhx with a MMC-1 Pentium 2 400mhz, they have the same bus speed and are the same processor, one is just faster, obviously, the processor works great, i think the hard drive might be a peice of crap though, its kinda loud, i bought another one its on its way

ok so it wont let me format

i tried to install win98 and it froze just like before

im lost again

correction, the win98 isntall is working, just REALLY REALLY SLOW

ill post again in a few hours, lol

well it still effed up, it asked me to insert disc 3 which im installing this os off of a cd so yeah, anymore ideas?

PII 266Mhz - Bus speed=66 Mhz
PII 400Mhz - Bus speed=100 Mhz
Does your boot screen report 400 Mhz?
If not you will have to mandle with jumpers or BIOS settings to get the speed you need.
What I can tell it's same multiplier, only different bus speed.

yeah my screen boot switched from D266XT to D400XT

correct me if im wrong, but i have 66mhz ram in there, if it was a different bus speed it wouldnt start would it?

I think you will have to change the RAM (get 100Mhz)
This reminded me of my problems with PII 450 Mhz and RAM 133 Mhz. With that combination Win98 setup was REALLY slow and it never completed (went blue screen after first reboot). With 100Mhz ram it ran normaly.

P.S. My motherboard don't support 450 Mhz processor either, but I still have that machine and it still works like a charm.

ok so i bought a 128mb kingston pc100 so dimm and it didnt want to start, it did the beeping thing just like the 133 module i have. So its definatly still a 66mhz bus.\

anyother ideas?

You didn't mention any beeping before. (I conclude you tried 66, 100 and 133 memory and only one that worked is 66?)
The 100 and 133 memory can and should operate at 66 Mhz.
Beeps could mean that the POST memory check failed.
That could be a number of reasons (wrong timing settings, faulty memory or you just didn't put it in properly...)
In your manual should be the code table of those beeps.
Anyway, cpu bus and memory speeds are not one and the same.
In your bios setup you should be able to change memory settings. Some bios setups do not alow those changes (especially those PS with brands) or cann't change them trough bios (in that cas you'll have to mandle with jumpers).
Did Win98 install ok?

One more thing. 400 Mhz CPU clock frequency you get by multiplying BUS speed and multiplyer.
In your case bus speed is definitely 100 Mhz and multiplyer is 4.

I got this from dell's support forum:
Memory must be EDO 144 pin Sodimms non Parity!
Look on Ebay for EDO ram and some will not fit, be careful. Make sure they say it will work for Dell, need low profile. The ones made for say Compaq are a little bit taller and you will not be able to fit two of them.

And then I found (same place):
The Latitude CPi system will support SDRAM SODIMMs with BIOS revision A03 or higher. All other versions of the CPi system (such as the CPiA, and the CPiR) support SDRAM SODIMMs. Only the Latitude CP, and the CPi with BIOS rev A02 or less did not support SDRAM.

....go figure.

so i guess when i got the win98 disk to fix somethings it made it able to reinstall win xp, it works great now, thank you guys for all your help, im actually posting from the laptop right now

Nice to hear that.

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