i recently ran all of my adware/spyware programs and found a lot of threats to my computer. as i usually do, i deleted everything that showed up. i dont know if the adware is tied in with my problem. i have sound on my computer, like alerts and things. but i dont have any other audio. and i cant get to it at all. i right click on the volume icon on my task bar, and it says "There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to control panel, click printers and other hardware, and then click add hardware....this program will now close.". ive followed the instructions it gave me to the best of my ability. my system isnt set up exactly how it described. anyhow, i went to add hardware, and it searched for hardware that is on my computer but that hasnt been added yet or something like that, and then it says "have you already connected this hardware to your computer: yes...., no..." im not really sure what it is asking, obviously its not reffering to anything specific that can be duely noted. i dont really know what to do. any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Man that is one of those problems that are so werid easy to say reformat but, have you tired doing a "Windows Update" if so go download or find your sound card driver CD. Now is this sound card your using on the motherboard? Please let us know just reinstall your drives from motherboard CD or on the internet.

I'd have to agree with Jimmy, for sure!

Reinstall your motherboard chipset drivers, then your other component drivers. That should fix anything which has been corrupted by the malware removal (or the programs which the malware removal has got rid of)

If that doesn't work, try a format and fresh install of everything. This sounds like a software problem, not a hardware one.

I sometimes feel like I am the only one who doesn't ever install motherboard drivers maybe it's just me and as for the chipset seems Windows Update always takes care of it.


Do you run games, Jimmy?

Updated mobo drivers are more important for 3D operations than anything else, I've found. For general applications work, the generic drivers in Windows work fine.

You know what I just got back into TAC OPS which to me is fine. Yeah I just got back into gaming but, I am not an exterme gamer. I can go without games for months no problem.

I also don't have a powerful PC for gaming. I still have the ATI RADEON 7200 SDRAM 64MB. At the end of the year when PC Express will be fully perfect that's when I am going to load balance 2 of the highest end video card's and get back into the game.

BTW my choice of a Windows OS is Windows 2003 so gaming is not an option. When I do play I play on a lower end PC. TAC OPS doesn't take much to run. Anywho

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