I need some help. I had an old PC I was using as a file server running Windows 2000 server with active directory. The motherboard died but the Hard Drive is still working.

I need to get the data stored on the hard drive. My problem is this, I hooked up the drive as a slave on a computer running XP. I can read the drive just fine but the shared drives I need to get are not visible.

I've tried backup restoration software that doesn't find it. I cannot boot to that drive because it gives a disk error, most likely due to a different chipset.

Is there something I can do to get the files I need?

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm confused. Why are you trying to access the shared drives on XP? The shared drive links not to the actual place on the drive, but to the computer.

If the data was on a shared drive, it will be on the hard drive, no?

Basically: a shared drive is virtual.

I'm running XP on the computer that I put the drive into. I think the problem is related to the Active directory or that fact that the drive was the primary domain controller.

I've tried DOS directory listing. Nothing sees the data I'm looking for. I assume it is encrypted somehow.