I have a brand new P4 3.4ghz with a gig of RAM. Was exiting a game last nite and suddenly it just froze, I tried restarting it and now all that happends is the fans and lights go on but no beeps or anything on screen appear. Any ideas what is wrong?


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Was this PC built or store bought...

Do you know what bios it has... AMI, Phoenix etc...

WHat is the beep code sequence?

Thanks For your reply.

It was built. Im not sure of the Bios but I know its a brand new Gigabyte motherboard. There is no beep sequence as there are no beeps at present. It doesnt make a sound. All that happens is the fans and lights go on, and thats about it.

Did you build this or someone else...

Have you checked to make sure there is thermal grease between the heat sink and cpu?

Open the case and look to see if there is a PC speaker pluged onto the motherboard

If not connect one...

I built it. It was working perfectly. There is a speaker, it did beep every time it used to start up. Im not sure if there is paste, but it did have some pre-boxed, coz I got some of it on my hand.

A single beep on boot is normal...

3.4 is one fast and hot cpu...

Did you ever change the onboard cpu temp settings...
Did you ever get odd beeps you did not understand?

You may have fried the cpu but the motherboard could be just fine.

Check the thermal paste.

Look for signs of scorching,

Verify that any plastic on the contact point of your heat sink was removed, (some are clear and very hard to see.)

Reset CMOS and try powering up again.

Thank for your interest.

I took the machine to the supplier where a got the components. They tested it, put in another motherboard an it worked like a bomb. I got home and it was going beautifully, then I did the same fatal mistake which was the same thing I did which killed it last time; I plugged in my Ipod into the front USB. Fzzt, gone. Back to square one. Nothing comes on at boot, no beeps just lights and fans.

How would I clear the CMOS coz that sounds like a good idea, and any idea how this could happen?


A defective cord,

Port is possibly wired wrong...

A physically damaged USB port, (we had that one earlier this year)

We got that one working by disconnecting the front usb port from the motherboard.

Oh, and we love it when you leave out critical information like this...

"then I did the same fatal mistake which was the same thing I did which killed it last time; I plugged in my Ipod into the front USB"

You said you were just playing a game when it froze...

So you mean if I unplug the port from the mother board it should work? Did you experience the same "Nothing on Screen" problem?

About the criticial info, the game froze the computer and so I unplugged the ipod before turning the computer off, so it was not until the secnd time I did that I realised it was the root of evil.

It might work, it might not work.... But it can't hurt to try it...

Did you connect the front USB port or did they connect the front usb port...?

Look carefully at the port, the other guy could see where he got the plug a little sideways and broke part of the port that allowed some contacts to short out...

Did they test your old motherboard on the bench or just pull it and pop a new one in.

If they bench tested it and it was blown then pulling the USB will probably do nothing and the conections shorted out in the other guys PC are different than the ones shorted out in yours.

Unfortunately its at the office so I'll go and check later, but they connected it up, I connected it the first time. Could it have caused a north/south bridge failure, or any other permanent damage? How does one clear the CMOS? In the case of the other guy shorting out the contacts, is that permanent?

The other guy was fine, he just could not use that particular USB connector on the front of his case. He had a second available.

Yes permanent damage can occur when devices short out...

Clearing your CMOS will probably do nothing...

Answering the question about the bench test of your old board will tell us more.

Thanks alot for your help. If all of this doesnt work, what would your next step be?

I would have my Ipod checked out...
(More likely the cable)

I doubt you will get another motherboard under warrantee...
(But if unplugging the front USB does not work that is probably what you will need to do)

Buy a third motherboard. Buy a new usb cable. Discontinue using that USB port in the front of the case. That'd be my next step if this motherboard now doesn't work either :D

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