ok, wow this is amazing, ive got a good computer here, psu is fine so we can rule that out, when i turn on my computer, clear side window, all things start whirring, fans, cpu, water pump, but nothing shows on screen herm. so lets reset the cmos, nope nothing, remove all addon cards zip, take out ram, no beebs... odd, moving on, i have no idea whats goin on here....

P4 3.0 ht
1024 mushkin DDR2 PC 4200 ram
200gig sata
40gig IDE
X800XL pci-e

and im kicking myself, no clue whats wrong....

*note* removed keboard and mouse, nothing...

"also on my monitor it says something about powersave mode, press any key or move mouse.... ya doesnt do squat"

1.) Heatsink is not completely on processor. (It won't turn on if it knows it will overheat.)
2.) A component is dead. (Semiconductors die. A lot.)
2a.) Motherboard got an energy spike. (They are very sensitive to electricity.)
3.) Your RAM is not compatible. (Doubt it, but one has to check.)
4.) Something is shorting the motherboard. (...Very, very, very sensitive to electricity.)

Is this a new build... or did something happen? (Granted, you might not know.)

ok, heatsink is on, ram is compatible, not a new build. i left the computer alone for a while and removed the monitors, moved the computer and now nothing works....

Are there any peripherals, like printers or USB drives, attached?