I just decided to pick up a Compaq 5 (1 internal) USB support PCI card, even though my PC came with two USB ports, one in back, one up front, it was 1.1 version being a year 2000 machine.... Anyway, I am asking a really dumb question because the use of the card isn't decribed CLEARLY enough for me to be sure, but this will give me USB 2.0 capabilities from a dated machine such as this? I do video in and out, USB printing, USB DVD burner, etc. etc

I'll have to now do a search online but was pretty sure being sold w/o a support driver, these might work directly, the manual states 2000 and XP compatibility, but how about an ME based machine? I may be unable to use this card....fun!

I found two databases/sites on USB 2.0, and I'm sure there's more, but as always, I'm most concerned with upgrade route on ancient hardware like mine.... for the sake of usefulness, it seems the second of these two sites I just visited states this;
If there's no EHCI driver there to handle high speed devices, then everything gets treated as full or low speed since the switch won't connect things to the EHCI controller. (Companion controllers won't necessarily be OHCI; some are UHCI.)

So to fully use a USB 2.0 host controller you must still use an OHCI or UHCI host controller driver, as you've likely been doing already. And if that's the only driver you have, you can still use hardware that includes USB 2.0 support ... it just won't be as fast until you upgrade to an OS version with USB 2.0 support.

...meaning with OS support, USB 2.0 MAY work with old mobo PCI with an upgrade, but there is still concern about the physical PCI and mobo hardware, I read some details that suggest old PCI slots won't work with the new high speed hardware.
I'm not sure how useful one of these cards is if you have a current generation, or even last generation mobo/computer.
Considering ADS along with Compaq brands are plentiful on the shelves here, I'm somewhat irked an old PC can't just incorporate a driver needed to use the higher datarate.
On the other side of the coin, I realize 5 years in computer terms is a half decade hahaha

If it says USB 2.0, you should be able to do it. However, I've forgotten what the max transfer speed on the PCI bus is. If you're just talking about using USB hard drives and the ilk with the system, you should be in good shape. That card will be as close to "real" USB 2.0 speeds that system will likely ever see.

You will have to install a driver in ME, and possibly even XP, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, there-- I've installed USB 2.0 drivers on 98 machines where I was using a newer motherboard.

The DeskPro looks VERY similar to my eTower 700, and I would even assume the Mobo could mount in the eMachine's cabinet to save space. It sports 4 PCI slots versus eMachines' 3. The fact it's 5 to 6 years old leaves me with the impression even with the USB board inserted, the PCI interface spec is still too old. The last problem was XP installed found my PSP in USB mode, advised me to use the faster USB card, so I unconnected and moved to them. After that, clicking on a thumbnail resulted in a 'can't copy file' type message. Though I know the pictures were in the right folder and accessed before. When I opened a graphics utility to try to open the picture file that way, the system froze... only my optical mouse lights worked...no more keyboard, no response from the PC. The recourse at that point was to hold the power button for forced shutdown or pulling the rear AC input


That might be a buggy driver, or something. All of this was connected to the USB card you just inserted?

Keep in mind, you should probably leave your mouse and other non-USB 2.0 devices on the old USB bus, because they'll cause the other ports to run at USB1.1 speeds, too.

The card comes without drivers, though I did request info from the website at Micro Innovations, the same people putting out affordable optical mice at Walmart... though not Compaq branded. They referred me to a website that might offer me a driver for using the card under Windows ME. I have since installed the card in my Deskpro with WinXP instead. The mouse and keyboard I have swapped to whatever PC I'm using on my desk. This uses a recent eMachine keyboard (sourced from the Goodwill), and a USB Compaq mouse that did come with a driver, but I use trouble free with a USB to PS/2 adapter plug. I don't think this might be the problem, but it's odd XP noticed the card and mentioned outright switching to it... I know some USB connections are referred to turning off via dialog boxes, before removing a device. I usually look for a lower right icon for this to be true though

Take the card, and look at the chips on it. It might tell you what chipset is used for the USB card. Simply typing those model numbers into Google might get you a driver that will work.

Well, I used the link I got when I emailed the company...it's dead. Now what the heck do I do? This card is STILL on the market too. I think I'll consult techs here as well and may wind up trying to hookup online for a computer aided search. I am scared to do so as some one is trying to steal my identity online and I have no idea how to stop them