Alright, so, recently the monitor I've been using has died. Whenever I try to turn it on, it automatically enters stand-by mode. I looked this problem up on my laptop and got an answer that said I either need a new monitor, or something is wrong with the motherboard. I have a PC input on my TV, and thought I might be able to figure out if it's the monitor, or the motherboard using this. I hooked in the 2006 Dell laptop with the wire and it worked fine, then when I tried using the same wire for the 2006 Dell Desktop (The same one I used for tower to monitor for so many years), I got nothing. I only used 1 wire for each so I'm probably doing something wrong. Could this lack of image mean there is something wrong with the motherboard (Since it worked fine for the laptop) Or do I just need a new monitor? (I'm new to all this by the way.)

Oh dang... Well, after weeks of not knowing what to do, I fixed it. It turns out that... there was a loose cord... I am certainly a genius. (:

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