There's a thread here called "Hands-on with the world's first portable USB3 SSD Flash drive". It says this product costs $229.

I heard on the radio that there are now SD cards that are like $25 for 4 Gig. Are these basically the same thing, except that they're internal, rather than interfaced via a USB port? Could it be used just like a hard drive?

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How are they different? Which one (if either) would be suitable to use like a hard disk drive?

SSD Solid State Disk is the one that is a replacement for HDD Hard Disk Drives. SD cards are removable cards for use in other things like digital cameras as well as PC's.

SSD's are still very expensive in comparison to normal HDD's.

Solid State Drive are the future. Once the costs for manufacturing them go down, the benefits of having no moving parts will lead more pre-built computers to have them by default.

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