hi there,here is the problem
yesterday when i was surfing the net,my comp suddenly froze,so i restarted the comp,but the comp again froze while it was loading window,so i thought my comp maybe overheated so i turned it off,this morning when i attempt to turn on my comp,a screen pop out saying '...this problem might have been caused by recent hardware change....please select mode....' then it froze again :evil:
and recently i did add another 512 ram into my comp,but when i open the box all the hardware appear to be fine,the comp dun have any beeping sound (unlike last time this happened),so i would really appreciate if anyone can provide helpful info or solution.
(just for those who dunno,i didn't type this on my comp)


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i cant,when i turn my comp on it freeze within 5 sec,sometimes nothing appear on the screen or sometimes froze at the starting screen


You mentioned that you recently added a stick of RAM. Perhaps you may try reverting back to whatever you had at first to see if that will help with the stability of the system. With my experience, most system stability problems start with faulty RAM.


i have tried taking the ram out and start the comp,but the comp still wont start,i doubt its the ram because it worked fine the b4 this happened

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