I'm very desperate right now as I'm not very computer savvy, and I'm hoping maybe one of many of you can help. Basically, I was playing a game, when suddenly, my computer froze completely. Note that the computer is only 2 weeks since purchase. I then manually shut down the PC, and restarted it, only to have a screen come up explaining windows couldn't start properly, and gave me options to start windows normally, in safe mode, and a few other safe mode options. I've tried each, none will work. I then try to do System Recovery, which brought an error message "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". I've tried just about all I know to do, which isn't much, and it just isn't working. I'm getting very frustrated, as I just didn't expect to have problems this early. I did some quick reading on the internet, found some suggestions as to the temperature of the PC, and I may need a better fan. But, the fans seem to be working fine, as the temperatures do not seem to be above normal. If you guys can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Bear in mind, I don't really understand computers very well, but I can follow directions well.

Thanks. :sad:

"IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" errors usually include a string of numeric "STOP" codes beginning with something like "0x000000D1", and also sometimes list the name of an offending Windows file.
Please give us the exact Stop code and name of the file (if any).

In general, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL messages indicate a problem with a device driver or, more commonly, a fault hardware component such as a RAM module or video card. Given the (very good) possibility of a hardware fault, and considering that the computer is brand new, your best bet is probably to return it to the place of purchase.

First step is to hit f8 when you first turnon computer, then go to (safe mode)
to try and solve your problem is to make the error actually readable. Open your system properties, click the advanced tab and then the settings button under startup and recovery. Uncheck 'Automatically Restart' and OK all of the open windows. Next time a stop error is generated you should be able to see it now. (Write the error code down and the someone can debugged it errors will look like 0x000000007 for exsample.)
Stop errors can be caused by a variety of things such as faulty hardware, bad device drivers, overclocking/over heating issues or software trying to do things it shouldn't or is not allowed to under Windows XP