Before I start, I'd like to thank everyone here for offering the free service of technical support!

Anyway, I need to know if there's something I can do to fix my computer, or if I need to call an exorcist, because I swear that thing is posessed.

Ok, I am having strange problems getting my computer to start. I had them in the past, but after trying over and over for about an hour, I could get it to start. At that point I would leave it running for a few days though to avoid the hassle.

I just now replaced the motherboard, cpu, and video card, but I'm having the same problems... they are as follows. One of several things happen when I power on:

1) Power goes on, but nothing happens. All fans operate, all CD drives operate, but the moniter recieves no signal and BIOS does not POST. There is, however, a tiny 'squeek' noise, almost like a faint beep. It's definately not the POST though. This is what happens most.

2) Power goes on, BIOS POSTs, then freaks out and beeps repeatedly until shut off.

3) Power goes on, BIOS POSTs, beeps three times, then stops and hangs.

4) Power goes on, BIOS POSTs, then hangs at a random spot in the normal boot process. I'll see the intel chip logo, maybe some of the BIOS jibberish, but it hangs and does not proceed to boot.

5) Power goes on, everything seems and sounds ok, but all you see on the screen is a flashing underscore. This happens most often next to number 1.

6) Computer boots fine. I only got this to happen once while trying to show my friend how messed up it was acting.

I think I got them all... Does this sound familiar to anyone? And thanks again in advance!

- Ryo

I don't have a specific answer for your problem other than when diagnosing, don't change so many things at the same time.

Maybe go back to your old system, and if that motherboard has onboard video just use Power, Motherboard, Memory & CPU and then determine if you can get into BIOS settings. Then one by one, start putting everything else in testing as you add each component.

A freind of mine just did the same thing recently and using my method she determined it was the modem that was causing the problem.

Bottom line is each peripheral can adversely affect the system so this is the best method to use.

If your CPU or Memory is toast then a duplicate system that you know is working is sometimes handy. Hopefully the component that is faulty doesn't take out that system too.

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