Hey guys,

I purchased a new 160GB Maxtor HDD last November. Everything was working fine and until last week, i am supposed to have 70GB of free hard disk space. However, i made a image of my primary HDD onto my 160GB HDD and accidentally deleted it soon after. Since the file was almost 10GB+, it was deleted alltogether i.e. didnt goto the recycle bin. I then checked my free HDD space in my secondary (160GB) HDD, it is showing only 2GB of free space. I looked at the files and folders on the HDD, but they only add upto 76GB. Meaning that around 74GB of space has mysteriously disappeared.

Can someone please help me recover my lost space.


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You can try running the defrag tool to see if that will clear up your problem. The only other thing that I can think of is to fdisk the drive and then reformat it. Make sure to remove all of the files you want to keep before running fdisk or you will not be able to recover them.


try cleaning out your system restore cache. open system properties, click the system restore tab, check "Turn off system restore on all drives", click apply, click ok on the warning that pops up. This will disable system restore and delete all restore point. After this is done, uncheck the same box and click OK. See if this helps.

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