Hey I have a few questions and some information.

First of all which would bee a better card the X800XT PE or the 6800Ultra?

Also ATI has announced the new X850 video cards, I believe they are only PCI-e, but AGP may be released soon.

These cards perform slightly better then the X800XT PE, but have way better rendering technology.

Both cards are evenly matched. The Ultra performs better in open GL games(doom 3), while the X800XT outperforms the 6800 ultra in DirectX applications (Half life 2, Far cry). Overall it comes down to what you will be using it for. If you are really interested in top performance, a new SLI mobo and SLI 6800GT's or ultra's would be the best choice. If you don't want to have to upgrade your mobo, the X850 is the best high end performance card out there.

I dont have pci-e thats why I didnt say X850, its between the 6800Ultra or X800XT PE

Hands down "OVERALL" which card performs better the X800XT or 6800GT?

Will a Nvidia chipset combined with a Nvidia video card work better? or it doesn't matter?

Its driving me nuts!

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