I have a Viewsonic LCD monitor lying unused for some time now. Today when I connected it, its showing a block of vertical lines which makes it almost impossible to use.

Here's the pic: http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/3962/29122011338.jpg

I used VGA cable to connect as I have no DVI cable. I use the same cable and GPU for my other monitor too for which there is no such problem. So its something with monitor.

My Monitor Model is Viewsonic VX2235W.

Is it repairable? Its out of warranty.

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i had one do exact same thing once ,it was repairable ,but they wanted more that monitor was worth to me

I guess your monitor is ready for replacement then, unless your VGA-port is broke, what almost never happens :)

Don't try to open the LCD panel to swap parts. It's sealed to avoid dust coming inside. Find a working used iBook G3/G4 12" LCD panel and swap it in the display assy. If you want less trouble buy a used 1.33 ibook G4 12" display assy and only swap the complete display.

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