undefinedI recently reformatted my primary HD and after doing that I had a lot of problems with drivers(I guess I lost all the old ones when I F&R the HD). Now I finally got my modem and sound working but still can't get my display to change to 256 colors or get the correct screen sizing. I use an AOC Spectrum 9Glrs monitor and an ATI Rage 128 PRO Ultra (32m) video card. I have the cd for the video card but either I can't a:get the right driver off it or b:can't get the driver to install and stay installed, or c: I am totally fried and can't see the problem cause I'm too close! Whatever the problem is I haven't gotten the machine to change formats so the display is the right way. Oh, in the display adapters the only one I can get to work is the standard Super VGA driver, none of the others will work(I get the sign that there is a problem). HELP, what am I doing wrong???

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Go to www.ati.com and download an appropriate driver from their downloads section. Make sure you get the one for your particular card and Windows version, and you'll have the added benefit of it being the most up to date driver version available.

After file loading and wellcome after one minut moniter blank but by task maneger all programe run

Hey Haritha Thayi, Your AOC service is bludy service. If you are not blind then see the complain # 1008181048. It has passed more than a month. When i call in local customer care they say to call at main call center at Bangalore. When i call to Banglore customer care the people like you say that we have sent the parts they will repair in this week.

Really, the service of AOC is disappointing. I will recommend everyone not to buy any products of AOC.

hi sir.. we have problem regarding my computer this is the issue---our lcd aoc monitor having blue screen and hang during gaming..what is the indication with this issue?


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