First thing I plugged in headphone to vaio laptop

2. removed headphone

3. Touch pad's left click stops working

4. It magically returns to life but responds after clicking 3-4 times on the left click

Can A short circuit cause this ? and is there anyway to fix it ?

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That sounds highly unusual. Have you contacted Sony's tech support for this?

It may be a driver issue. One thing I've found on my netbook running Windows 7 is that if I don't have a component connected to the netbook at boot time, it won't work right if I plug it in after boot time.

Try connecting your headphones to the netbook when it is powered down. Then start the netbook and see if the headphones and left touchpad click work correctly. If they do, then it would seem to be this strange anomaly that I've seen on mine.

I hope this helps -

/David C.

I think there is a driver compatibility issues and the best way to cure it is to upgrade the drivers.

restart your laptop or goto safemode and press lastknown configuration.....

Sony Vaio systems are soooo funky when dealing with hardware that is not Sony branded, that almost anything can be the cause of this. My advice? Get your money back and purchase a system from Toshiba or someone else but Sony.

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