Hi, Im having trouble booting this desktop. It gets to the Windows XP logo with the black background, and then it goes back to this:

floppy diskeet seek failure

drive 5 not found: parallel ata, pata1 (pri ide slave)

strike f1 to continue f2 to run to enter setup utility.

All lights are green on the back.

Thanks in advance!

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It sounds like one of your drives has gone belly-up.

Thanks Rubberman.

This is the second hard drive that wouldnt boot in this pc. But the first one never made it to the Windows XP logo screen.

When I try to boot from the Windows installation disc, it loads everything up and then gets to the point where it says "Loading Windows" and then emergency stops. It gives me a message about shutting down to protect your pc and an error 0007b.

Thanks for the help

sorry i miss read the post and deleted my original info .

it sounds like a hardware problem ,remove all addin cards except video ,things like sound .network ect ect ,


I have done that and I have removed the motherboard battery and everything else. Then I drained the power and hooked everything back up.

The hard drive is showing up accurately in the bios settings.

From the symptoms:

1. A new drive gets further than the old one, but still fails to boot.
2. You find the drive recognized in the BIOS.
3. You made sure the system was booted without any residual data in flash or ram.

I think your disc controller (is it IDE or Sata?) is bad. If IDE, there are two ports. You might try setting the other port to master and after changing the jumper on the drive and plugging it in to the other connector, try installing to and booting from the other port. That's kind of a last-ditch possibility. The last option is to send it in to Dell for repair, although the cost will probably be more than to buy a new system altogether!

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