i have a p4 with intel 915 glvg mother moard,i have ony 1 fan that is on my processor ,can i instal more fans ?if yes then how?pls solve my problem. :!:

You can buy fans of diff size and color at alot of place's Best buy place's like that.You should have a spot for one on the case in the back just get one that will fit in the spot..on the case.or you can drill,cut,carve pretty much anything you want in the cast lol..most of them are made for best venting with the hole's suppled in the case...I would just throw one more in the back...hope that helps...

I'm assuming this is your CPU's temp?
Chances are your PC is not getting enough ventilation. Here are some tips:

If you have a steel case -- invest in a aluminum case!! These conduct heat better and will not get nearly as hot.

Get a bigger case. The more room inside for air to spread out the cooler it will get. It also allows for you to put fans inside.

Make sure you have a good cooling system.

Make sure your PC isn't located in a corner of your room, or in any place that it will not get good airflow. If possible maintain a constant room temperature of about 70 degrees F or so.

Make sure all your hardware is working properly. Check on the CPU fan to make sure it's running properly.

Check the thermal paste (is that it?) on your hardware. The stuff sometimes thins out.

Make sure there's nothing blocking fans.

Put in more fans.

Hope these helped. I'm not an expert, but thought some of these would help. I own a Lian-Li case... really nice. Worth the extra money.

suggest making sure the case, heatsink and fan are dust free and running well. you can also carefully lube the fan by peeling the centre sticker back and putting a TINY drop of sewing machine oil on the spindle, leave for 10n mins to penetrate, put sticker back and replace, i've done this many times. also carefully remove the proscessor, clean the old thermal paste off it and the heatsink (good pc store can supply an appropriate solvent) put new thermal paste on (about a small pea size will be plenty). if it was running ok before this should sort it.