I had a noisy computer and i traced it to dirt and dust in psu. i took out psu opened it up and cleaned it. After replacing it in computer i bootup but i know its booting but the monitor says no signsl, the led blue light just flashes. I have in stalled a new graphic card and i have a new monitor so it cant be them thats causing the problem. I would appreciate help urgently as i need to do a lot of work on my pc.

some more info please like make and model#'s of the computer and the video card

Lets find out what you have inside.

Use Speccy to provide details of your computer's configuration.

Download, , install, and run.
After Speccy has finished gathering information, click File > Publish Snapshot.
Click Yes. A web address will be displayed.
Click Copy to Clipboard and paste it in your next post.
Include your computer's manufacturer and model number, if available.

All i can tell you that its a packard bell 2326 pc 3 gb ram 500gb hard drive with a nvidia gx440 video card i only bought it yesterday, along with a new monitor. I cant tell you anything else as i cant get into the computor with the monitor not working, just the message no signal,

of course you cant ,posting way to early in the morning ,lol

so you just bought the new video card yesterday ,did the new card work before you cleaned the psu ,if yes ,try removing and re-seating the video card into its slot

Yes the card worked perfectly.

Yes the card worked perfectly.

any chance the card has a power plug that got unplugged ,when you took ot the psu to clean it

There was no power plug on the card.

im lost ,removing a power supply from a tower to clean it should not make this happen to a computer ,i have cleaned hundreds of them .and only remember this one ,maybe because it only happened a few mnts ago , ,i cleaned one with can air and when i plugged it back in and it popped something inside and needed to be replaced ,
maybe the psu is bad,got another to try

Just got the problem sorted. It was a faulty psu. Just bought a new 1 and everything fine.
Thanks for your help

Just got the problem sorted. It was a faulty psu. Just bought a new 1 and everything fine.
Thanks for your help

your welcome ,happy computing

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