HI there,

Just bought a new motherboard and processor and the motherboard has four ram slots two are DDR 184 pin and two are DDRII 240 pins. And I have two questions:-

Q1) I currently have two 512 DDR 184 pin PC3200 to fit in the DDR slots but want to know that if I buy DDR II of the same standard(PC3200) will they work together?

Q2) Also I know that if you have different standards of DDR such as PC3200 and PC2000 then they wont work together but if I had DDR PC3200 and DDR II PC4000 will they work?

Sorry I know this is a few questions but any help will be much appreciated.

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I looked around for "DDR and DDR2 motherboard" on Google, and found that manufacturers made these boards to enable one set of memory type at once.

I suspicioned these different RAM modules couldn't mix, but I wasn't sure.


No, you cannot use both DDR and DDr2 simultaneously on boards which have both the slots. You can use either DDR or DDR2 at one time. I guess this should answer your second question.

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