So I sent off my netbook to be repaired, and because of the crappy warrenty Asus offers it too 6 months to get back, my this time I've forgotten my HDD password. I changed the master and the user password in the BIOS when I was using it before it broke. So now I have it back and I'm trying to get my HDD unlocked. I don't care about the data on the hard drive anymore, so if I need to erase it to get it working, so be it. I've booted into an MS-DOS disk, and run ATAPWD and nothing I'v read seems to have helped. I've clicked "Set password" then typed the supposed master password for Western Digital drives: WDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWD. and it says: "Error: command rejected by drive"
I also have MHDD on the boot disk but have found no clear instructions on how to use it. So both tools are open for use. Please help!


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You will have to send the drive off to get it unlocked. That is the down fall of "Hard drive Lock" it doesn't matter even if you put the drive in another CPU, it will be locked until unlocked. There are techs out there on the web that offer hard drive unlock service. Sorry I had to be the one to tell you!

sorry ,it against the rules of Daniweb to be able to help with deleting password,we have no way of know this is actually your computer ,again sorry ,if it is your computer ,try google for help

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