I'm upgrading an old pc with an MS-6368 Motherboard. It's gonna get some new PC 133 SDRAM (old 64m + 256 m) And a new HD. It's got a 950 mhz Celeron. But what video card should I stick into It? It's supposed to be cheap. This is about what I can choose:

I'd like to be able to run Quake III and maybe UT 2003 and maybe some other games but could you just give me an estimation what which card can do and if it's worth the price?

Thank You

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Please dont take offense to this, but I think it is a waste of money to do an upgrade to that computer, especially for a gaming purpose.

Well I dont have a lot of money (i'm 15 so) but it'll do for office things and Q2 (Which I play a lot) And I can always take out the HD, but ok I'd just like to do it.
So which of the 5 do you reccomend?

I was just saying that you would be better off saving a bit more money and you could build a pretty decent budget gaming machine for pretty cheap, and it would deliver you much more bang for your buck. But at any rate, if you must upgrade your computer, i would go with the 5200 if you like nvidia or the 9250 if you like ati.

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