:mad: Building my 2nd system for mother. Parts as follows:
Case Antec SLK1650 w/ Antec 350w ps
MB Epox 8kda3i
RAM Crucial 2 x 256mb
Graphic card- Asus V9400-x 64MB ddr
Processor- AMD Sempron64 2800+ RTL

Problem: Upon install of only above components, at power-up, fans turn for only split second as power button is pressed and onboard MB LED display light for the same split second. Cannot even get a display on monitor or get to first POST!! Same problem as before I exchanged PS as tried all combo's of parts on buddies machine and thought we narrowed prob down to PS. Just installed new ps and these basic components and same result! ARGGGHHH! Any ideas? Anyone?

Have exchanged MB, PS, tried different Video card and memory in another system. Last chance I guess is bad CPU?!?? Is this a common issue and if anyone has had any similar problem please post or email me at corkykat at yahoo dot com. Thanks!!

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The problem definately sounds power supply related, but since you have replaced the PSU, I would start to suspect the motherboard, CPU, or RAM.

Just to make sure it has nothing to do with the power or power supply, try moving the system to a different location in the house/apartment/whatever, turn the switch on the back of the power supply off for a minute or so, plug the machine in, turn the switch on the power supply back on, wait a few moments, and then try to power the machine on. Let us know if that has any affect on the system.

Have you tried running the system with only the bare minimum of components? Try removing everything from the system except the motherboard, CPU, heatsink on the CPU, and RAM. These are the bare necessities to allow the machine to operate. Make sure that the fan on the heatsink is still connected to power. Try to boot the machine when it is in this state. Let us know if it runs longer like this.


Have tried bare necessity boot as posted above. Same result. WHile my buddy had machine to test, he did get it to at least power up all fans and mb for a short period of time, and when he switched out PS for his own, it worked fine. That was the point I RMA's PS. I did also try moving tower to different loaction in house, and as I said, MB has been replaced also with a different model (which I guess could be bad also). But all ran well with my buddys PS in system. I do have a friend working on getting me a 3rd (diffeernt) PS to try... hopefully by tomorrow. All RAM was tested in 1st buddys machine and worked fine individually.

Have a call in to ANTEC and am awaiting reply from them as they were going to research if there is potential conflict with PS vs. MB. ANy other suggestions are welcome.


yes-- 20 pin, 4 pin, cpu fan plug into mb, and 2 wire plug from psu to mb fan plug.


Is the power supply that you keep trying to use sufficient to power your system?

What was the wattage rating on your PSU? How about on your friend's?

What PSU and motherboard are you using?


yes, 350watt is sufficient- is by no means a "gamers system"- very basic parts (as you can see all in original post). Friends is a gamer system- believe 500 watts. Wattage really should not be issue as, like I stated, system is very basic components. Pretty sure that a 250watt PS should fire up a basic MB and ram chip/cpu w/o a problem. Anyone have any weird problems with Epox boards?


Alright everyone, just received and installed new "different" PSU from Antec as they confirmed to me that was an incompatability issue with certain Epox MB and the 350w Antec ps. They assured me this was same model PS, but slightly different configuration. WRONG!! Same damn problem. Have found several references to low voltage output on 5v rail from Antec, and am really leaning that way. Trouble is, since I began building this system in early October, all parts from NEWEGG are past the 30 day period for exchange, it appears I'm F*#%*d!! I don't know where to go from here. Upon emailing NEWEGG cust. support, I was graciously(?) offered a $20 credit on my next order! So what do I do with all the parts I have that now I don't even know which ones work right or not!! Can you sense the frustration? Any tips?

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