I have a celeron 800 Mhz with windows 98 Second Edition
This machine starts only at day, from 1am to 7am it stops in the Bios Screen
it says
Intel Celeron (tm) - 1.06 GHz (its overclocked)
Checking NVRAM <-------(sometimes takes more than a minute to appear this)
262144KB OK

Hit Del if you want to run SETUP <----------- DEL, SUPR OR F8 to enter safe mode, nothing works.

Ok To be sincere I havent tried to enter the Bios at day, just at nights all of you will maybe tell me that I must do that first and then Post here, but I just wanted you to know, maybe you know whats the cause of this strange problem that makes computer function just at day.


NOTE: Its not exactly that at 1 am it stops, I dont know, but evertime it stars is day, and everytime it cant start is maybe from 1 am to 6 am

Checking NVRAM

If computer halt with this message, it means your RAM has problem.

I used my computer from 5pm to 11pm i formted the hard drive, I had no problem to enter the Bios to make CDROM the first boot device.... I left the computer installing windows 98.... I came back at 1AM, the computer was off, I started it again but the same problem... after I push the start button it took more than 1 minute to change the yellow light of the monitor to the gree light, then appeared the BIOS screen very slow,.... I even saw the word SETUP appearing letter by letter S...E...T...UP
Now its 216am, I cant access my computer, tomorrow at day Im sure I will use it normally
If RAM has a problem, why I can use it at day and not at night?

everytime it does not work its maybe from 12 am to 6 am...... and everytime it works, its maybe from 2 pm to 11 pm
Any ideas?
I formated it

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